A Bit of a Ramble, or 13 things I did today instead of what I had planned to do.

Wednesday. I had hoped to do WFMW or Wordless Wednesday but that didn’t happen.

I had planned to visit my grandmother, but that didn’t happen.

What did I do instead?


You can’t see it in this shot but it is REALLY snowing.

  1. Made pinto beans in the crock pot and made several batches of refried beans while helping Rachel remember the steps to making baked potatoes.
  2. Worked on an oil painting I started yesterday–realized that I had forgotten how much more work (physical hard labor) oil painting is than watercolor. I also forgot how much more materials you go through with oils–expensive materials. Sigh. Yesterday I prepared the board as well as some canvas for the kids–they like to paint when I do. Rachel is working on an oil, Esther and Issac, acrylic. (I also sprayed some displays black for my mom’s jewelry.)


  3. Helped the girls work on their Young Nanowrimo. Rachel is writing a modern fairy tale type story, Esther is writing moody poetry. Really moody poetry, about the death of her grandfather last year and how she misses him and the very next about fun and joy. Did I mention it was REALLY out there, and fairly well written for an almost 8 year old.


  4. Worked on some watercolors that need done in time for the client to get them framed for Christmas. Normally I can finish a watercolor in a day but with my back and hands bothering me that isn’t happening. One of the three is of cats, which I usually don’t paint–which also slows me down. I need to finish these and get some other small watercolors done for this weekend –I am going to be showing my work at a craft show on Saturday, along with my mom’s jewelry. Rachel is going to help me.
  5. Basic house work type stuff like laundry and dishes.
  6. Made several business calls–have some meetings tomorrow so had to get things organized.
  7. Answered a slew of work related emails.
  8. Made extra long sleeve mittens for the girls from old sweaters. I had already cut the sleeves off of the sweaters because Esther wanted some of those really cute sleeveless sweater dresses that are popular this fall–I picked up some adult long sweaters at the thrift shop and reshaped them for her. She loves them, and now she has matching mittens.


  9. Got the kids to do their dishes and put their clothes away.
  10. Comforted Issac after he got hurt playing outside in the falling snow. This lead to a kiss attack and then into a long chat with Issac about different number patterns and how many letter many words have using Alphabet signs to form each letter which moved into a tickle fight and then into a discussion about how movies work.


  11. Showed Issac how to make a little animated gif style movie on the computer using Jasc animation studio. The kids are planning on making a small stop-animation clay movie because of this. In fact they are working on the scenery as I write–they are having a bit of a fight though because the girls want a fall scene and Issac wants a volcano and dinosaur.
  12. Reread”Calling on Dragons” because my back went out and I had to stay flat for a bit while the kids played outside–something about castles. Also worked on my own Nanowrimo, which the kids are begging for–they make excellent motivation.
  13. Played games with and read aloud to the kids.


This is their first try. Click the image to see the little silent movie. They are working on another one with more detail, better lighting, better layout, and no moved camera. Not bad for a 6, 7, 9 year old with no help from mom other than uploading the pictures and putting them in the animator.