A Day in the Life 1: Yet another list of what I did today (because you can’t get enough of them. ;p)

For some reason I seem to be doing a lot of “lists of things we did” posts. Probably because writing it down proves how much I accomplished even when it doesn’t feel like I did anything–and it also is a good reminder that “yes, the kids learned quite a bit today”. Frugal post coming later.


  • Today I was up at 5:30 am, no real reason, just because my brain was full of all the stuff that had to happen today.
  • Spent about an hour reading everyone in my Google reader–I think roughly 65 posts and listening to Rachel chatter while trying to talk to my husband (morning is our talky time.)


  • I got the kids up because we had to be at a meeting by 9:30am.
  • Had to help Esther and Issac find clothes that they liked and which fit (they are all in growth spurts and nothing seems to fit just right.)


  • Made the kids toast and eggs while making myself some coffee and eating a small bar of low sugar dark chocolate with all natural crunchy peanut butter–breakfast of champions I know.
  • Got the Rachel to get the lunch basket and enzymes and help her brother and sister find shoes that suited their clothes (believe me, finding shoes is ALWAYS a big deal in our house, even though there are only two places where they are supposed to be stored.)


  • Gathered my things for the meeting, updated Shamus on the plans for the day, had Rachel callGRandma and let her know we would visit later.
  • Got kids packed in the car and headed to the meeting 25 minutes away. Did I mention it was COLD!


  • Got 5 minutes from the house, realized Rachel had forgotten the enzymes, which the kids can’t eat without so drove back home and got them.
  • 10 minutes later back on the road and headed 30 minutes south toward the meeting.


  • Spend an hour working out the plans for the new Lighthouse website that will match their new brochures while the kids read books and sorted change to help them out (they are a non-profit ministry and always have little jobs the kids can help with while I work on the site.)


  • Head 10 minutes north to the other job I have to get done in the coming weeks, picked up the cd of images I need for the site and discussed the images for the other part of the site–which I will get next week.
  • Head south again to my grandmother’s. On the way there we discussed how driving works, which led to how the steering wheel works and then how combustion engines work.


  • Once there we helped Grandma with some house work.
  • Got a call from a dear bloggy friend–one of the only people I know who’s daughter has similar issues to Rachel. So nice to know I am not alone.


  • Ate lunch with Grandma.
  • Allowed Issac and Esther to watch some cable tv (they never see it unless at a grandparent’s house. They chose to watch Between the Lions which is right where Issac is in his reading.)


  • While they watched Rachel read comics, did a puzzle with grandma, and we talked about how things were when when she was a girl. This lead to a discussion of how people traveled then (she was one of 13 children and was born in 1929). We talked about how hoboes used to come to her door and how her mother (widowed when my grandmother was in 8th grade) would feed them and give them a room for the night. This lead to discussions of how social programs that force people to give money to the government to help people have freed people from feeling an obligation to help one another out of their own unselfishness.


  • Rachel threw a temper tantrum (she isn’t feeling great) so instead of going and buying a joke book as they requested we headed to the grocery store to pick up some things for Rachel.
  • On the way home stopped to take a photo of my grandparent’s old house, which just sold to a nice young couple. I need to do a painting of it for my grandmother for Christmas–this is the house she had lived in since she was 6 years old, then off and on while married.


  • The kids took crazy pictures of the fall foliage and a lot of vehicles and power lines on the way home.
  • Got home and read emails while the kids watched daddy play a game and helped him solve problems.


  • Realized the craft show was in two days and the kids wanted to make some things to sell so they could use it to buy each other Christmas presents and send some cool stuff to our friends who are missionaries in Burkina Fasa.
  • Took Rachel to Michael’s, leaving Issac and Esther watching a movie they can’t watch when Rachel is home: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


  • I had forgotten that it was rush hour–the drivers were INSANE. I had one guy sit on my tale the first part of the drive, then another pull out in front of me, all kinds of other craziness. A definite reminder that the Christmas season is coming–every one starts driving like lunatics (since I usually do all my running in the day time I am seldom out after 5:00pm so I don’t often see masses of people in a hurry to get somewhere.) One the way there Rachel and I discussed the types of things people are likely to buy at a craft show around the holidays, and what types of things the kids could make that might sell.


  • We got to Michael’s, spent some time looking at what was on sale–we decided that in order to make something worth trying to sell and still make any money she needed to buy things that supplemented what we had at home and which she and her brother and sister could make and have it look nice. She decided on getting some vintage style buttons to make a button bouquet and some ribbon to try to make some angels like the ones ME sent us. She also decided on some chocolate since she can help me make some of those to sell (I have some really cute coffee mugs I got on clearance that will look adorable full of chocolates.) I also picked up the paint and brushes I needed (did I mention oil painting is EXPENSIVE?) and the whole point of the trip, some 2.5 x 3.5 frames to put my little art cards in for the show.


  • We went through the line 3 TIMES!!!! First for the stuff I went for, then Rachel found some cat and dog masks on clearance (she wants to be a cat next Halloween and they all play dress up a lot) and had to buy those and a jingle bell for her self–don’t ask. (Okay she convinced me by explaining she wanted it for her sled–they have been sledding on the wet leaves in the dark and her brother and sister keep not getting out of the way and since we need to be extra careful that she not hit her head, well she is sure this will help. I am not sure but it was $1 and she bought it herself.) Finally we went back and got some Wilkins chocolate because the candy store was already closed so I couldn’t get Merkins. (Did I mention that at the grocery store they gave the kids Marburger hats? They did, and RAchel wore hers until she got home–and then wore the cat ears the rest of the night.)


  • We then ran to the mall (another place full of lunatics and it will only get worse in the coming weeks) and picked up a few joke books. The kids LOVE to tell jokes and often make up their own (much to my dismay. Here is a free sample: why did the chicken cross the road? Because he wanted to go eat at the restaurant over their in his pajamas. Yes, that is what I have to deal with. The good news is that my three are all visual learners and remember what they read–joke books are a good thing. :))


  • When we got home we made some angels from a pile of handkerchiefs and doilies I had.
  • The kids got snack and I wrote my Laced with Grace post for today.


And my plans for today? Write my frugal post, finish a painting, start a new painting, clean the kitchen thoroughly so th kids and I can bake some cookies and make 2 and a half pounds of chocolates. I also need to get a few packages to the post office, pick up some thrift shop vases. Plus start work on two additional web pages, supervise the kids making some crafts for tomorrow, have them figure out how much each cost to make so they can price them. Get my things together and get the car packed for tomorrow and my Saturday Scavenger hunt up, maybe visiting some pages since I won’t be back till tomorrow afternoon. And yes, I just made a list (I hate lists) and I made it here for you to read so I can hold myself accountable. 🙂


All pictures in this post were taken on the drive home by my three kids –I had to straighten the ones Issac took, and turn them right side up but otherwise they all took some great photos–too many for me to share.