What my non-traditional students did Friday, all day.

Remember I said that the kids would get tired of playing Fate and go find something constructive to do. Two days of Fate was enough. They did play this morning then totally got caught up in this idea.


It is a fort made of 3 nap/exercise mats.


Some duct tape.


Some structural items (yard sticks, a drafters straight edge, other random stuff).


A sheet, the pages from Geosafari, and lots of paper.


Those are flower beds around it and yes that is a mail slot in the door and a chimney.

The walls were Issac’s idea, which inspired Rachel and Esther. They have been working on it for 4 or 5 hours now and playing house in between building. And are now rebuilding it because Issac’s idea of fun is to knock things over. The girls are trying to find a way to make it more structurally sound without more duct tape–because they used all the duct tape.

Update: They gave up and decided to make three houses out of something stabler–our three card tables –they added doors to eac, and roofs, and flower gardens. My living room looks like Hobbiton.