Wordless Wednesday

or not so wordless. The following were taken while I baked cookies to put in Christmas presents this afternoon. The kids had just spent the morning outside sled riding and decided to have a “Christmas Tea” for lunch which they did completely on their own without my help, including the getting dressed up bit. This consisted of putting on Christmas music, dressing up in their best clothes (Issac in his suit, Esther in her fairy costume, and Rachel in an old prom dress from the thrift store), cleaning the kitchen so they could have a spot to dance, and drinking peppermint and licorice teas while eating animal crackers and dancing to the music. Cleaning up the kitchen entailed putting away the various projects they had left on the table from the day before–a spider web built from construx, a spider and lawnmower built from K’nex, a stuffed ladybug for the spider to eat, some homemade flavored marshmallows that didn’t go quite right. Issac was a little gentleman and served the ladies who practiced not being the leader while dancing. This went on for 3 hours while I baked cookies and packed them up. I should mention that I had also just cleaned the fridge which is why there are several garbage bags in the background which my husband hadn’t taken out just yet. ( He is sweet like that.:))


There are two videos, the first is Issac dancing with Esther, the second Issac dancing with Rachel.