A day in the life 5 + Photo Challenge: Letters

Mike Leonen has issued a challenge: we are to take a photo of letters someplace unusual and post it.

I was at a loss for this–I had hoped to use this to get me painting then realized that it just doesn’t work (I am thinking of doing a creative challenge of sorts–still working out the details. I need something to motivate me to paint when I have no ideas and a challenge of this sort would do the trick.) Plus I am feeling mopey and weird today and no thinky brain.

I had wandering around the house trying to come up with something that needed done that I was up to doing when the kids started fighting over the Gamecube. The rule in our house is no one plays until the work is done and after that a fight will get it turned off. Off it went. Of course that meant I had some activity-less kids on my hands. I needed a project and fast. Rachel immediately ran off to take her Cabbage Patch for a walk and Esther had cuddled up on my lap (she doesn’t handle grumpy mama well.) Issac was the real issue since he would start jumping on the furniture pretty quick if I didn’t think fast.

Out comes Boggle Junior. He is learning to read (he knows more than he thinks–once he gets comfortable and admits he IS reading we will be good.) Boggle Junior as Boggle Junior is boring but those letter dice are pretty awesome. We played for a bit with just rolling the letters and seeing what words we could find then Issac decided he could do it and started doing it himself and pretty soon he was on a roll.

Of course once we came up with the foods idea I had to get my camera. The plate really got him motivated to try and spell foods. He tried eggs but was short a g. Sigh.

After that things just got silly.

Then they got sillier.

And what was Esther doing during this craziness?

Continuing to figure out Silent Night of course.

And building more towers.

Of course seeing all the fun he was having the girls had to join in:

These were pretty tricky to get because the lighting in my living room is awful when we don’t have blankets over the windows to keep out the 7 degree F weather let alone when we do. But they had fun and now they are off sled riding in our frigid backyard and working on their snow fort. (Pictures coming soon.) Oh, and Issac now admits that maybe he CAN read. 🙂