Esther’s take on the new pencils

Esther is having a rough couple days.  I am not feeling just right and she, being my empathetic child, is taking it very hard–which results in much hitting and kicking and in general beating up on her siblings.Sigh.

The one thing I have found that really helps her is asking her to draw something.  When she draws she gets all the feelings out and treats her brother and sister better.

After my own experiments with the watercolor pencils I thought I would let her give them a shot.   She is an artist at hear, always drawing or singing, and her drawings are full of little stories that she can tell, always very entertaining.  The following image is what resulted from her experiments with the pencils (the paper, not being a block, warps pretty easily but I will iron it later. :))


After this I told her she was welcome to use them anytime.