A Day in the Life 7

Still feeling cruddy which means trying to find ways to keep the kids entertained that do not include me specifically so I can crawl off and read a book or watch a movie.

Yesterday we made a trip to the library and picked up 8 interesting educational movies–two IMAX and a pile of PBS. We are WQED around here and the library has tons of Pittsburgh made WQED movies including Kennywood Memories, Things that aren’t there anymore and the sequel. We also got Lewis and Clark and an Annie Oakley story for kids (Rachel’s choice.) Rachel also chose a book which she started reading as soon as we returned home–YEAH! Esther is usually the one who does the reading around here and insists on a book at the library. We had to cut back because she kept misplacing them. I swear that we pay at least one of the children’s librarians salary with our overdue fines.

I spent yesterday evening watching the Pittsburgh history movies as the kids wandered in and out. This morning I woke to find Rachel devouring Kennywood Memories. Later I put on Lewis and Clark and Esther spent the next few hours enthralled.

“So Esther, is this a good movie?”

Esther slowly shakes her head, eyes glittering, smile wide.

“Have you learned anything?”

“Wow Mom,” she looked up ginning, “they did all sorts of stuff. Did you know they found an antelope type creature with a hairy butt?”

“Um. Yeah. “

This morning all three cleaned their rooms then the girls cleaned the kitchen and folded laundry for me while Issac and I went shopping for our once a month groceries and daddy’s meds. While out Issac spent quite a bit of time in the pharmacy trying to read what was on the bottles–I had to redirect him a few times as Rite Aid keeps their feminine hygiene and intimacy products right by the pharmacy line. This meant it was time for “can you look on the other side of the aisle and find the medicine you take when your stomach hurts, etc.” in order to redirect his attention and keep him from sounding out T-r-o-j… and then asking what it was. He also helped me buy groceries, deciding how much of each item we needed to last us a month.

After we returned home the kids put the groceries away and made off with the boxes I had used to pack the groceries from Aldi. There were two boxes and they had to decide how to make those two boxes work amongst the three of them. After some battle they painted an ice cream truck and a race car and found another box for a train. Later I heard them upstairs playing burrito with a new twist. (Burrito is a family game inherited from their daddy and uncle. It consists of rolling one person inside of a blanket and pretending to eat them.) In this case the new twist had the filling of the burrito calling out for other ingredients–Simon Says style which the other players had to find and then say a rhyme to include. For instance tomato meant find something red, mustard find something yellow, etc.

They then decided to make carob candy. This meant a lesson in not burning carob when it is melting in the microwave. The second batch worked. They also made peanut butter filling for them and shaped them in silicone heart shaped ice cube trays. I guess they are good (I don’t eat carob, blech.)

Issac has been spending a lot of time trying to figure out the harder Hooked on Phonics books because he doesn’t feel like working through the work book. He will get back to it eventually or figure those big words out with all his trying.

Now they are all hyper and running around like loonies and it is cold and rainy and dark out so I can’t send them outside.