A Day in the Life 9: Bento Kids

My kids LOVE making bentos. Ours aren’t quite the traditional rice, fish, veggies but they are fun.

Today they were inspired by some cute artistic bentos and decided to make some of their own. They weren’t in thew mood for rice so we went with the traditional meal in our house, peanut butter and honey with almonds, cheese, and carrots. I made them each one then they made their own. (Rachel’s was Tetris with a flower, the other two had smiley faces with cheese and almond hair and accessories.) Here are the kids’ versions (beware of the blur–the kids took the pictures). This is also a very frugal way of making kids meals–use what is on hand–even if it is something the kids don’t like, and get creative (they ate the whole thing, and Issac doesn’t like cheese, Esther doesn’t like almonds, and they all ate the crust.