A Day in the Life 8: Deep Fried Brains

As mentioned I have been feeling “off”. In other words my hormones have been very confused, enough that I finally went to the doctor and now have a slew of tests to have done by next Thursday. (I, in general, don’t go to the doctor so this is a big deal–in fact I had to find a doctor to go to.)

Anyway, my brain has been fuzz for two weeks now. This means the kids have been doing more fending for themselves in the kitchen than usual. That’s fine–all three know how to make basic meals that are healthy and the older two both can follow recipes (well, at least try–dyslexia makes that interesting, I let them make mistakes becuase that is how I learned the difference between a cup and a Tablespoon, confectioners sugar and regular, flour and powdered sugar. Making mistakes in the kitchen is a great way to learn, especially when it doesn’t get you in trouble. )

So, this morning Rachel was making eggs. Usually they make fried eggs and destroy all my pans. However, all the skillets were in the running dishwasher and the kids are afraid of the dishwasher when it is turned on. 🙂 Issac suggested that she make hard boiled instead.

She came to me and asked how instead of consulting a cookbook. This is a bad idea. I can make many things but hardboiled eggs is not one of them. I wracked my brain for the times, remembered, and told her.

Ten minutes later I realized my mistake. I had given her the recipe for corn on the cob not hard boiled eggs! Start with cold water, bring to a boil, cover, turn off heat and let sit for 8 minutes. Gack!

I caught her and told her to bring the water back to a boil and let boil for 5 minutes more. Oops–those were soft boiled eggs. She decided to let the rest boil a little longer and let Esther eat the soft boiled one–she likes them that way.

Sigh. Yes, when it comes to eggs don’t ask me. I don’t eat eggs. I got sick of them when I was Rachel’s age and wasted tons of eggs while making mistakes.