Todays was an interesting one.

Right before my doctors appointment I caught Issac reading a book–it was a book they had been fighting about all morning and Esther had finished it and handed it to him as he got ready to go outside. He stood, half dressed in snow pants and one snow boot, surrounded by his snow things reading “Old Mother Hubbard”.

The sketch was quick (especially as Issac kept moving even though he was reading) but knowing I would be late for my appointment if I waited I snapped a few photos before I left.

The sketch itself was eventually erased as I had plenty of time to ink it while I sat in the doctor’s office–too much time, I over darkened because I was bored. šŸ™‚

The painting was sketched from the photo. I still haven’t developed the knack of doing tiny details with a pen or brush–figuring out which lines are most important is tricky. Still, I am relatively happy with it.