A Confession

Today we did something we said we would never do again.

We went knowing that we were going to do it.

We told ourselves it was all right, good in fact.

We did it and it was right and good.

Today we got a Sam’s Club membership.

I know–shocking.

  • You see, we have a relatively big family (5 of us) and we eat the same basic things all the time–enough so that a 5lb bag of carrots is gone in no time here.
  • I have bought in bulk from our local wholesale natural foods place for years.
  • We have a big house with plenty of space for storing things so buying in bulk is not a big deal–in fact we have one huge and entirely empty closet in the bathroom which we will use to store paper towels and whatnot.)
  • I have a map of our other grocery stores with what we buy and how much they cost stored in my head–weird yeah, but I can compare prices pretty easily.
  • Sam’s Club now carries the soy milk my kids LOVE for $1 cheaper a half-gallon.
  • They also carry the cheese my husband adores for $2 less a brick.
  • Between the soy milk and the cheese we will save enough to pay for the membership in 3 months and there are plenty of other things we use a lot of  daily (like produce 5 lbs organic carrots for $5!!!!  Most of the produce is half price and sold in the sizes we actually NEED) that makes it very worth our while.
  • I like to shop once a month for the major stuff so I am not running out every day–the less I have to go out the more money we save.  I have a hard time leaving the house without dropping $50. 🙂
  • I have a home business which they insisted meant I could use the business membership–who am I to complain.  It was $10 cheaper AND I can go in at 7am before all the loony crazy people who can’t push big shopping carts without running people over get there–yeah I have a thing about that, which is one reason I HATE Walmart.

So why were we against it?

Once upon a time we had a Sam’s Club membership, way back when we lived in Massachusetts (Rachel was 18 months and Esther was on the way.)   We lived in a tiny condo and had no room to store stuff.  The only thing we even used that they  carried was Rachel’s diapers, which was almost worth it but I had been sure I would buy so much more.  They really didn’t carry any other brands we used or even liked and with our tiny family it really wasn’t worth the then $40.   Plus it is run by Walmart which we both hate.  However, recently our grocery bills have been skyrocketing, especially because of Rachel’s special foods which I can get at Frankferd farms or have her make herself and our love of produce, especially mangoes–which are $1.50 each at our local grocery store but 6lbs (about 12) for $6 at Sam’s Club.  (And yes we will eat those all before they go bad AND have a spot to store them in the meantime. :))

So there you have it, our dirty little secret–after years of berating Walmart (we’re Target people)and Sam’s Club and being all snobby about it, we joined!