A Day inthe Life 17: Edubuntu update and other random stuff

So, we installed Edubuntu–which is a HUGE hit I may add. It took our poor little old computer, which could barely cope with Windows XP and made it into a speed machine. Also, the kids have spent the evening and morning trying out all the educational software that came bundled with it. In fact, Rachel, much to my husband and mom’s utter joy, is engrossed in KTurtle (the LOGO/Turtle like software I mentioned yesterday.) My husband is thrilled because she has an analytical mind and he has wanted to teach her programming, because, well, he is a programmer by nature and by job. My mom is thrilled because way back when I was small she used to teach LOGO in Catholic school. Rachel is thrilled because she discovered the handbook and is having no small measure of success making things appear on the screen.

Esther has been exploring the installed games and other software–finding Kstar–an astronomy program which lets you look at the stars and constellations at any time and any place with other bonus features. She also discovered a chemistry program (it lets you explore all the elements on the periodic table, showing the actual element, plus the atom and other features. (If I had had this program I would have passed that portion of chemistry). She also found Mine–a Gnome version of Minesweeper. This was a wonderful introduction to logic for my least logical child.

Especially exciting is that Shamus is taking a real interest in all these programs and helping them make the best of them. He has been wanting something he could work with them with and this is perfect, not to mention introducing them to some of the things I am not so good at. 🙂

I was up half the night with “I feel like I am getting sick and can’t sleep” insomnia and am thus a little less useful than usual (I am just proud that I vacuumed.) I intend to do a sketch today, I really do. We’ll see if it happens. In the meantime I am off to join the kids who discovered that I got my new Special Edition Pride and Prejudice (which was only $15!!!! and which came with a “making of ” book and a beautiful folio.) They started watching without me so I am off to join them. Of course I am a bit thrilled because my 6, 8, and 10 year old want to watch a 5 hour long rendition of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice! Okay,. the 6 year old will wander off and is currently crashing cars while keeping one eye on the movie but he isn’t complaining about it. 🙂