A Day in the Life 22

My doodle-a-day has taken a vacation since I first I messed my neck up and now my knee (again–I couldn’t do my exercises while my neck was out so now my knee is out) and now I have several web based projects going at once. I will get back to it by the end of the week–really.

The good news is that some of the websites I am working on are paying and others are ministries–which I love because I enjoy doing both–I get to help out at home by getting paid AND I get to use my talents to glorify God and help others in ministry–how cool is that! The weird thing is that this requires me to spend free time pacing (which I can’t do because my knee is out again so every time I need to think I get up to pace and have to stop because it hurts) or playing logic puzzle games–like Tetris or Poppit because my brain works better when I do that sort of thing. So, I am doing less drawing right now so I can focus on coding.

Also, my husband just got work orders for a second job he has taken on as a contractor, doing what he loves–helping design a video game. God miraculously provided this job out of no where and it is such a blessing–we are trying to get out of debt plus have a few things we would like to do that require that we have more income. The best part is now he has three jobs that bring in income (f you don’t count the comic) all of which he does from home! God is SO good!!!!

On the other hand my crazy kids are up to all kinds of stuff. Issac is playing all kinds of logic games on Edubuntu and keeps coming in and asking for how to play new ones that I downloaded for him.

The girls are, well, I am not exactly sure what they are doing. They seem to be pretending to follow a treasure map that is encrypted in a very large story book while dressed in outlandish leotards,striped and flowered tights, tutu’s and mismatched socks–think Punky Brewster then mix it up some). I asked them to explain and they couldn’t–instead Rachel started reading random instructions out of the book (parts of the text at random and then interpreting them into instructions) and Esther started following them. I don’t know. I doubt I will ever know. I’m sure it all makes sense to them.