A Day in the Life 25 + Doodle a Day: Weather Weirdness

Yesterday it was COLD and snowy and today it is 60 degrees and everything is melting. The kids and I were out in light jackets.

Western PA is funny that way. One day we have snow, the next a warm springy day. Back in college I couldn’t wait till the weather would change. One day it would be icy cold–cold enough for classes to be canceled (and believe me at Slippery Rock classes didn’t get canceled lightly. In my 5 years there–I was a dual major with an art minor–it was closed maybe three times. Once for a snow storm, once for an ice storm, and I don’t remember why on the other one.) The next day it would be sixty and we would all pull ut our shorts glad to have a chance to shed our winter coats. In fact, you would see some sitting out on the green in their bikinis soaking up the sun. This is the time of year when you go to the store and one lady will be wearing hat and mittens and a heavy coat and the next will be wearing shorts.

We have the house opened up–glad to replace the stale air with fresh. A month from now I will consider it cold when it is 60-something but for now it is a blessing and I am glad to shed my fingerless gloves, hat, and husband’s giant hoody which I have been wearing constantly to keep from freezing. The kids are running around in 4 inches of snow in rubber boots, bare legs, and short sleeves.

I am glad. They spent the morning in the house building all sorts of projects from an old children’s “Make it” book from my mother’s childhood. It’s one of those books that assumes that boys know how to use hammers and nails and saws and that girls know how to sew. Rachel has been building all sorts of things for herself and for her brother and sister. Issac spent the morning working on a 550 piece puzzle. Esther was doing some sort of project on Lego Star Wars on her DS. We then had to search for a missing CD and overdue library books. Rooms got clean while searching. Afterwards we sent a few packages from the post office (the kids learned what a customs form was for since one had to go to Canada) and I made all three go with me to the library to tell the librarian that they had left the cd on the floor and stepped on it. They learned that it is much harder to deal with something the longer you wait and that dealing with it immediately and in person is such a wonderful relief. We also had to stop at the thrift shop because Rachel has grown out of all her own shoes and is now wearing mine (yes, my ten year old is wearing my clothes and shoes even though she is 4 inches shorter than me–she won’t be for long.) When we returned home the kids ran outside, happy to be free and enjoy the sunshine.

Addendum: Esther just came in barefoot. She lost her shoes in the snow. I sent her back out to find them. At that moment Issac came in crying because he forgot to wear socks and despite the warm temperatures snow is still cold on feet without socks.