A Day in the Life

Yup–it is time for a another edition of your favorite homeschooling/lifeschooling post. Err, well. Anyway…time for me to document some of the crazy stuff the kids are up to.:)

Yesterday was an average Monday, even though it was Tuesday.

It all started with laundry in the morning. Issac throwing all the dirty laundry down the steps then sliding down it, bull dozing it to the hallway, and sorting it, Rachel carrying loads of dirty laundry downstairs, Esther washing and drying it so that Rachel could carry it back up and all three sorting the clean laundry and folding their own and the towels. (Yes there was some grumbling and Issac does quite a bit of jumping, climbing, basket diving in the process but it does get fun and even on days like yesterday when he is cantankerous it is his favorite sort of job because he is allowed to mess around and throw things in the house. 🙂

Esther and Issac decided to “play school” and did a whole slew of workbook pages. Rachel was busy with a project elsewhere.

We spent an hour or so with me reading aloud at the girls request–Issac isn’t so into this book and was outside sword fighting with trees.

After a while the temperature got up into the 40’s and the kids headed outside. A couple hours later they came in and told me about their experiments. It turns out they were building a pulley system out of sticks, tree branches, and rope. They also built a small wagon and some other items that required cardboard, paint, and making a mess.

We read some more after they came in and explored an electronic gadgets book they want to try –its one that has sat on the shelf for several years that Issac found and was trying to read. I had to promise the kids we would work through it so that Rachel could get to the point where she could build the cool windshield wipers for sunglasses at the end of the book.

Today it snowed again but warmed enough for the kids to go out and continue their experiments. Rachel was going to design a sink of the Swiss Family Robinson type but what with the freezing temperatures and all I persuaded her to wait till it warmed up. Instead she used her pulley system and tried to work out how to make a sled lift (like a ski lift but using a sled as counter balance.) She has run into some issues (including sliding down the hill sans sled) and is working out how to solve each one. She is definitely my inventor and Issac plays the part of Beaker very well. I sent Esther, who prefers to stay back from the more dangerous proceedings, out with the camera to document their progress.

Later Rachel had to give up on her lift because the snow melted so instead they painted, sawed, hammered, and built various things–including some crafted flowers, a sign, and a flower shop. Once more they set up shop, this time outside. Rachel had a fix-it shop, Esther a flower shop, and Issac had another shop. This time, instead of money, they used a bartering system.

Later Rachel and Issac got out a hooked rug set that has sat untouched for a year or so and started working on it. Issac managed a few and was very proud of himself but eventually turned it over to his sister to finish for him. Esther was off working on the computer.

Later Daddy came on the scene and ended up having a huge conversation with Rachel about adding exponential numbers.