We are recovering from a weekend of preparation and celebration.

Above are the kids own egg coloring that they did on Friday for Spring.  (That is crayon–they ae allergic to food dye.)

On Saturday my dad brought over the kids gifts from him and his wife.  They don’t really get the no bunny thing so we considered it “Spring” gifts–not Resurrection Day presents. 

W e made candy and the kids delivered it.

Sunday it was cold but the snow had melted so to keep the kids busy I hid the Holy Week outside and let them find them–it lasted a whole 5 minutes which with it being 35F and all was 4 minutes too long.

We visited with family yesterday and today we are trying to get back into the swing of things.

Rachel got a set of cds full of 20 vintage movies so the kids hurried to finish their work so they can watch all sorts of old movies.

We are having a film marathon it seems.

All in all it was a nice weekend–except for Esther’s dress.  Somehow Esther’s gifted Easter dress was destined for destruction.  It was the weirdest thing.  My grandma bought both girls similar dresses–though Rachel’s was cotton and Esther’s was satiny.

Rachel’s held up beautifully but Esther’s….didn’t.  On Saturday she put it on for Grandma’s visit and as she sat down the seem ripped the whole way across the sash and I had to fix it.  Then Sunday morning at breakfast the right strap ripped off completely.   And then as I was thinking that since it was obviously poorly made and that I should try returning it (the stitching everywhere was off and it had a lot of bad spots) she splattered it with grape juice.  And then as I was thinking–well at least the little pink jacket is still useful, she leaned on the silly putty she got from my step-mom and managed to get the whole right shoulder slathered in it.  I tried freezing it and a couple other tricks to get it off but it just wasn’t worth it.  So it went into the garbage.  The year’s Resurrection Day willl always be remembered as the year of Esther’s dress.