Show and Tell

I’m late with this today because I only just finally finished fixing all the problems that were happening on my server. I think everything is stable now. I hope.

Today we continue to celebrate Home Education Week with Dana of Principled Discovery who asks:

    Show off those talents. Share a story, a special moment, a piece of artwork. Any accomplishment, great or small, is fair game.

I was going to post a picture of the giant pile of stuff the kids have made in the inbox beside my desk (it gets moved to the school cabinet where I store such things once a month or so.)


Then I thought maybe I would post some of the stuff that is actually in that pile.


My son’s interpretation of Pompom from Homestar Runner.


Rachel’s drawing of herself.


Then I though maybe I would post old pictures of the kids doing random things to show all the stuff they did but I think you all have seen those before.




Issac checking out the “playground” they built today.

Then I thought I would brag about how Issac is teaching himself to read because he wants to (he read a whole story to us yesterday on his own.  Mind you I had to really, really teach Rachel to read due to her dyslexia but it seems to come naturally for my little 6 year old as it just clicked for my 8 year old.)

Then I decided to take the camera out to take pictures of the project they finished yesterday.


Issac labeled his all by himself with no prompting from me.


The kids spent all afternoon yesterday filling a borrowed wheel barrow (they asked our neighbors) with top soil from the other side of the house and filling in their gardens so they could plant.  I had nothing to do with it.  Yes, those are old shower doors on top–it is still cold here so we decided weneeded a green house sort of thing going.


Rachel’s garden all ready to go–unlike her brother she didn’t see the need to check her spelling before writing.  These are 100% recycled or stuff we had except for the seeds and the cute little metal labels that the kids bought at target.  (I should say that some of the seeds are from our own plants from last year.)

And when I went out to take pictures I found this.


Rachel had written a poem for me (with Esther’s help with spelling) and made it into a sign which she put in the garden facing the bench.  It says:


This garden’s yours

and after your done with your chores

watch the flowers grow

and swing to and frow.

Very sweet and exactly why we unschool.  It isn’t perfect but it was done of her own accord and  in fact is one of many poems which she has written–she has a journal full of them.  Some of them are excellent, others, eh.  Can you tell her grandfather was a published poet?  🙂