As those who have been reading a while know we currently home church.  If you are wondering  about what this is or why you can check out these posts:  How We Got Here and Benefits of Home ChurchI had plans about what I was going to share regarding our experience but those are out the window today.  Instead I thought I would share a little about what we do and why through by telling about a typical Sunday. Please note that it is between you and God whether you take a day of rest or when, what you do on that day, how you worship, and where you worship– the following is just our experience.

Saturday is my husband’s day of rest–he spends the day hanging out with a group of younger geeks which we consider to be his ministry.  Saturday or Monday is my day of rest–depending on the situation.  Sunday is the day we choose to worship together and to clean and prepare for the week, it is also the day that most of the people who have websites through me choose to contact me abotu changes or issues.  It is the day that my husband does his non-official work–which includes whatever projects, mostly paying, that he has to do that are not his 9-5 weekday job.  This is how today looked–sometimes it is slightly different but it is a pretty laid back, stay home, preparing sort of day.


The kids got up this morning and watched Sunday morning cartoons on PBS–preferably after getting dressed and Rachel does the dishes.  I got up and after checking my email started cleaning up the kitchen–not clean clean, just putting all the dishes in the dishwasher and clearing things up so I can make bread.  While I am waiting for the dough to rise I grind coffee for the week.


Once the kids are done with tv–they get sick of it pretty quick, I have them gather round and help me clean for exactly half an hour.  This time I got smart and talked to each one privately, preparing them, then when I got them all together no one threw a fit and there was no chain reaction of refusal to help.  We got it done in exactly half an hour including vacuuming.


Today Issac helped me tear apart my mom’s bread maker.  Ours had died a painful, smoky death so we borrowed my mom’s.  The thing is, my mom’s had been sitting unused for 5 years or so and the belt was completely dry rotted.  We still need to repair it but I feel better knowing that it had completely disintegrated before we had even tried to use it.  So we are now making bread in the food processor which is working pretty well and is kind of nice in a laid back sort of way.


I made more bread dough and then banana pancakes and waffles.  I make a huge batch so we can freeze plenty for the coming week.  While the kids waited they listened to The Magic Treehouse on cd–I think it is the one about the San Fransico earthquake/fire.)  They also built several mechanical musical instruments (along the lines of Bert’s drum/tambourine/whatever music maker in Mary Poppins) while they were listening–this was mostly Rachel’s doing.   The kids polished off some of them for a brunch type meal. I also had to make syrup since we were out of real maple syrup.  The syrup depends entirely on what I have on hand–this time it was part molasses, part brown sugar, part raw sugar, part corn syrup with a little bit of real syrup for flavor.     I cooked a bit of it down into candy which tasted remarkable like bit-o-honey.


After everyone was done eating they helped me load the dishwasher and went outside.  Esther was practicing sitting in trees while reading books, Issac was sword fighting trees, and Rachel was planning more of her park.  We had a whole bunch of stuff to burn so they were excited to take care of that.  (A little bit of laps of judgment on my part since it was windier than I thought.)


Now the kids are happily playing outside.  I will probably go spend an hour or so reading or playing Gamecube (Tales of Symphonia).   Later we will run to my dad’s to get do some wood for Rachel’s go cart and swing and then towards bed time we will have our time of worship.


Usually we pray, then sing a few songs the kids know and possibly a hymn or two.  Then Shamus will read and as he reads we will take time and discuss what he is reading.  We are studying Matthew 23, and have been for 2 weeks.  There is a lot to chew on in that passage.  The discussion can go on anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on how chatty we all get.   Later Shamus and I will sit and read aloud and discuss a chapter–we have been working through Romans together.  Quite a bit more meat in there.


By 9 o’clock the kids will likely be in bed and by 10 they will be asleep–I hope. 🙂

*The photos are all from today except for the crocus which I took yesterday at my mom’s–our flowers aren’t blooming yet.