A Day in the Life 32: Random Facts

I am working on a painting as well as some spring things with the kids so am spending less time online. Well, except for making Twitter updates–which I am using to record our day as a sort of informal unschooling journal and which take much less time to do. Der. Forgot the pictures. Fixed.
Here are some random facts about this last week:

1. Esther will read anything (which means we have to be careful what is laying around.) Yesterday I found her reading a fiction picture book from the library, two gardening books for kids, the Tales of Symphonia strategy guide (which she has memorized), The Secret Garden, and Highlights magazine. She has also taken to carrying a bag of her books and things everywhere so she is prepared.

2. I am growing my hair out from my cute 20’s style bob which I love because my girls LOVE it when I have it long. They want me to wear it in a bun or in braids and literally mourn my hair when I cut it. Sigh. When they are older I will go back to my old look which was much easier to keep nice and more sited to my style.

3. Issac spent all morning yesterday doing his school workbooks–on his own and for fun. When he realized his math book (from last year) was too easy for him now he changed all the signs and made up math problems that were more interesting. He then spent hours reinstalling and playing all the old computer games he could find.

4. I am a third of the way through a painting for a bloggy friend. I am not sure about the composition so may go ahead and do a second layout when I finish this one.

5. The kids are very excited that their lettuce and onion plants are already coming up. Note to self–lettuce is a good plant to start with because it shows quickly and is edible quickly.

6. By not leaving the house except for a few visits to the pond and my grandmothers I have managed to make a half tank of gas last over two weeks. I used to use that much in under a week. Staying home has saved us about $30 a week.

7. This morning Rachel and I designed an irrigation system for her raised garden to replace the water bottle irrigation that she hates. The plan involves PVC pipe and other than cutting she should be able to assemble it herself. It also will allow her to continue using saved water from in the house instead of the hose.

8. Rachel is also ready to assemble her go-cart though she would like to figure out how to put sides on it and add pedals. While Shamus is at the tax preparers (we learned long ago that for us going instead of doing it ourselves is money well spent)the kids and I will research the cost of the bolts she needs and her irrigation system.

9. Rachel has been trying to figure out how to use the map to figure out where things are on Tales of Symphonia–I think she finally has it. Talk about learning life skills from video games. She is also learning to read much faster (since mommy has a habit of clicking through the talking a bit too quickly) and has learned that she is very good at visual problem solving. The puzzles in this game are her favorite sort and she is getting very quick at solving them.

10. Sent Rachel outside with my digital camera yesterday to take photos of something from all the colors of the rainbow. We then had a lesson on macro photography. Pretty fun stuff.