Economics 101

I am rotten at economics.

In fact I fell asleep daily in high school economics. Of course Mr. Brown spoke monotone which probably had something to do with that. I am sure it had nothing to do with me getting home at 2 am each day to be up at 6 am because I was very involved with stage crew for the musical.


High school economics aside money and how it works in the economy is something that has never made sense to me. Stock market, brokers, taxes, all of that– nope. Marketing I understand but hate because of the lies and underhandedness.


Recently, however, I have had lots of lessons on economics. It helps that we are trying to figure out how best to be frugal and get out of debt but we have also both been studying world wide economics and business economics. It started with reading Liberal Fascism” (Shamus finished it and I am halfway through–an EXCELLENT political history–don’t let the name put you off.) We also read a fascinating article on the diamond cartel. Add to the mix reading political freedom blogs (which has a lot to do with economics) like Reason Hit and Run, Cato Institute, The Beacon, Natural News (especially the articles about “Big Pharma”), watching some Cato Institute videos on money and you get way more economics than I have ever studied, ever.


Then add an apple that fell far from the tree. Rachel is business minded. Unlike Shamus and I who often do work for nothing, she has no problem charging her brother and sister for whatever she is selling today. She is researching different businesses and business models, looking for something she enjoys making and which other people want to buy. She is learning how to figure cost and time into her prices. Today she decided she wanted to expand her business beyond her brother and sister. She decided to make greeting cards with stamps and sell them to our elderly neighbors and her grandparents. Her determination and the lessons she is learning are teaching me more about business economics than I have ever learned. Where I cannot bear to tread (like charging money for what I do and setting prices) she has no qualms. I am learning a lot from her.


I threw this picture in as an extra–Issac made this bookmark for Esther.