A Day in the Life 33: Unschooling

This morning I woke and realized it was warm enough for me to start walking again. After some prayer and consideration I realized that taking one child with me each day would have 4 benefits: each child would get a chance to spend time alone with me to talk about what is on their heart (that doesn’t happen often), I would have an incentive to walk daily, the kids wouldn’t fuss because they all wanted to go, and it would give me some variation because each child has a different place they like to walk. Rachel and I walked a mile. It was lovely and sweet and we talked about growing up, freedom and PA issues with such, the idea of moving somewhere where home school and other laws were less constricting, among other things. Esther and Issac stayed behind with Daddy.


When we returned the girls cuddled up with good books while Issac ate breakfast then played outside. Eventually the girls got hungry and grabbed some homemade bread with the jam we made yesterday and headed back outside to their books.


We then all went to the library where Rachel was disappointed as they didn’t have the book she wanted (she is almost finished with “In Grandma’s Attic” and wanted the next book). She ordered it from another library then we headed downstairs to the huge book sale going on today. We found tons of great books and only paid $4 for the lot. In the car there was much fighting about who gets to read which book first.


We headed to the store to pick up some water guns (it has to be 70 degrees for water guns in our house. :)), made a quick stop at the thrift shop, then went to get the parts for the irrigation system Rachel designed for her raised garden. It involves tubing elbows and t’s and once it is cut she will get to put it together and set it up by herself. Esther went for a simpler plan–she wants to use a sprinkler jump rope for hers.


When they returned home everyone got into bathing suits to play with the water guns. Eventually they all got hungry, made some food, and went back to their books. Rachel took a huge tray outside to eat while reading, Esther got stuck at the kitchen table with her huge book (the complete collection of “Bone” which she is about halfway through now.)


Issac discovered that he was now able to read the new Calvin and Hobbes we picked up (Yukon Ho) all by himself. “Mommy, I can read this book and it is a hard big kid book!”


He has also informed me that I must share with you that he has his first loose tooth ever. It really is loose, even though in the picture you can’t tell–his bottom middle left. My baby is getting big!