Three Crazy Days in a Row

Thursday was crazy busy as the girls and I headed out so I could do some work in the morning and attend a 4 hour Archery shoot in the afternoon.

She did it!

(Issac stayed home with Daddy and spent most of the day visiting the neighbor, building things, and playing video games.) Both the girls and I got a nice sunburn.

Thi sis the first time Rachel managed to shoot her arrow.

Yesterday we headed out again, hit some yard sales, ran some errands, and visited Grandma–which was more eventful than it usually is.

While we were visiting my uncle called and needed a ride to pick up his truck where he had left it when his wife was taken to the hospital for chest pains. This after he had a heart attack last year.

I took him over and when we returned Grandma took us out to eat to our normal pizza place–a mom and pop place that has good food that doesn’t make Rachel sick.

Esther chatting while she waited.

We never have trouble with the food there, except this week it was one thing after another. Still it was good food and the service is great.

At the restaurant

The cool thing is that my grandmother gave us their old lawnmower which was God’s timing since our s is dying. And we found some thing we had been looking for at a yard sale on the way there. It has been busy and exhausting but God is good and we have been blessed.

Finally today we Issac and I took a long walk after walking Esther over to Dad’s for breakfast ( a Saturday morning thing–each kid gets a turn. This week Esther had breakfast with him and then went fishing and caught 2 large fish.)

Dad was waiting outside for us to walk over.

Later we drove half an hour south with my mom where she (at my step-dad’s request) bought them a left handed bow plus arrows. The girls were thrilled and all three kids got to try it out and did well, even though Issac is right handed. I am glad to find a hobby that they can join in without having a strict schedule or practices and weekly games.

They are excited that they now have their own even if they can only use it at Grandma’s. We also stopped at Barnes and Noble, where they did NOT have the book I wanted–the next in the Squires Tale series. I did however pick up “Howl’s Moving Castle” which we began reading tonight and just kept reading, awesome book though not for the squeamish magically speaking.

I guess I should also mention the two doodles in there–I did them on Issac’s place mat as he he copied them for something to keep him occupied.

I brought them home because I thought they were fun.

Doodle of Esther on the back of the placemat while we waited.

 Doodle of Issac on the back of the placemat