Home School Hi-lights

Going to keep it short this week.

  • The kids took up archery.  This makes me happy since it means that there are no team practices  or set times that everyone HAS to be there and no “the 6 year old game is at 10, the 8 year old’s is at the other field at 10:30, and the oldest’s game is at 11 on the field on the other side of the park” business.  I played soccer and soft ball as a kid and later was in the pompom squad.  I HATE practices and games and running to and fro.
  • We rejoined Netflix which means tons of classic movies coming our way.
  • We took a walk in the rain today and explored every, single grating and pipe we came across and figured out where they all went and where they all came from.  Plus we stomped in the puddles and Esther did a rousing rendition of “Singing in the Rain” as Gene Kelly did it in the movie in the field behind our house.  (I forgot my camera or I would have posted a picture.)