Mom Contest Entry

This shot was my husband’s first choice for this contest–a photo taken 2 years ago. I couldn’t decide.

Photo of myself with Esther, taken by a friend of ours.

This photo was taken by a close friend of ours. She was learning to be a professional photographer at the time and the girls and I were her models for the day. We had already done quite a few pictures and were resting. Esther spontaneously reached over and kissed me and Bonnie capture it.

I guess you would say that this photo represents my kids’ love and my urge to love them, to be with them, to help them to grow to become more fully who they are, to help them grow in wisdom and understanding, and to learn to love others and God fully and abundantly. Each of them is unique and I want to help them grow into that uniqueness instead of squelching it. My goal is not to be their friend but to be their mentor, to help them develop fully into who they were meant to be.