What I know Now…

I was invited by Mom to 2 Boys to share what I know now that I didn’t before I had children.

Before I had kids I was an opinionated, argumentative, public school, special ed teacher. I thought I knew everything about children and had opinions on everything about raising them.

With my first child I learned that no matter how good a parent you are some children will have issues. I learned that vaccines are not always best, that “normal food” isn’t always best, that doctors aren’t always right. From my oldest I learned that even the most introverted parents can have extroverted children.

With my second child I learned that regardless of parenting a child’s personality will determine much of their behavior. I learned that children CAN be allergic to rice and corn. From Esther I learned that children WILL learn without being taught, and that by allowing them to learn what and when they are interested they will develop life long loves instead of temporary interests. From her I learned that some children break their toys, not on purpose but because they want to know how and why it works or use it in a way that it was not originally intended, and that is okay. She also taught me that just because she doesn’t demand attention doesn’t mean she doesn’t need the attention to feel loved.

From my son I learned that boys ARE NOT LIKE GIRLS. From him I learned that there is a reason boy toys include cars, trucks, blocks, and super heroes. From him I learned that a child can teach himself to read and do it because he wants to. I learned that some children will always ask no matter what.

From all of my children I learned humility, to listen to what they say, and figure out the real problem behind the temper tantrums. I learned that health and behavior are often intertwined. I learned that I am not nearly patient enough. I learned all children are different and each has different needs. I learned that I know my children better than the specialists do and that my husband and I are the best team to take care of them, train them, and teach them. I learned that children do not need nearly the amount of things we think they do to learn and be entertained and that given the freedom they will learn what they need to learn. Finally I learned that children grow quickly, that the baby years are very short no matter how long they feel, that one day you wake up and your children are nearly grown.