A Couple Questions

I need YOUR opinion.

As I continue to rethink my priorities (like doing more art and less blog design and hosting) I have come up with some possible ways of supplementing our family income (very small ways but every bit helps) and reorganizing things but am wondering whether any of these ideas would fly.

  • First, doodles. I am considering doing doodles for hire.  Lots of people are uncomfortable putting pictures of themselves and their kids out there on their website.  And yes, there are places where you can use presets and make your own little avatar for your site and to use as your forum icon etc.  I am considering offering to do doodles of people and their kids for use as an icon, in their sidebar or header, whatever.  My question to you is first, do you think others would be interested in this and second if they were how much would you expect such a thing to cost?
  • classes.  I have had several people email me in regards to my doodles and paintings, asking how to draw people. I have had others email me regarding learning to do CSS and blog design.  As a former teacher and home school mama  I am all for helping out.  Up until now I have directed people to other sites that are helpful.   My question to you, would you be interested in some “art class” or “web design class” style posts or possibly an ebook?  I am not really considering charging but am wondering if there really is an interest in either.
  • If I were to do classes of some sort which would you be interested in?  Would you prefer it as a meme–for instance once a week I could give an explanation and an “assignment” similar to how I did the Faith Shape?  Or should I put it together into a PDF for download?  Or both? Would you want all ages classes?  Home school lessons?  Which subjects would be most interesting? My gut is to do a general meme style class and then if there is interest do a downloadable ebook with more detailed explanations and extra activities.  As far as subject the most interest seems to be figure drawing. 🙂  I have had some asking me about learning web design and I would be glad to do both.
  • Doodle of Esther on the back of the placemat while we waited.