Frugal Friday

I know this has been mentioned elsewhere, in fact I read it originally on someone else’s site which I did not comment on and lost.  However the girls and I are doing an interesting, and very frugal experiment and are very happy with the results.

My oldest has severe allergies that require that she not be exposed to ANYTHING with apple, citrus, or cinnamon (think peanut allergy but instead of her throat swelling shut her skin and mucus membranes get severely irritated and start to peel off.  Yeah, we avoid that stuff.)  She also has this reaction when exposed to anything with chemical preservatives or dyes. So, we are VERY careful what comes into the house and what she is exposed to.

One of our major expenses because of this is hair and body care. For a time we were buying Kiss My Face, Burt’s Bees, and JASON products which we love but those are pretty expensive, especially when being used by a ten year old who gets a bit liberal in her use.  More recently we discovered that she can use Dr. Bronner’s All-in-One  with no trouble which is cheaper but still gets expensive when half of it pours down the drain (plus the whole weird spiritual thing drives me NUTS and is the reason I am NOT linking to the site). 🙂

So, we decided to try the “baking soda and vinegar method” and see how that went.  (She can’t use vinegar so she just uses baking soda and rinses well.)

We all have different hair types.  Esther has very thin, wavy, dry, shoulder length hair,  and a lot of it.  Rachel has very straight, thick, oily, shoulder length hair, and a lot of it.  I have long, oily at the roots, frizzy at the ends, very thick hair, and a lot of it.

We have been washing our hair with baking soda and vinegar for three weeks now.  We can now go 3-4 days between washings with no weirdness.  In fact all of our hair is much healthier, smoother, and shinier than it has ever been.  I have been able to quit using all styling products (I used to use anti-frizz serum, anti-frizz spray, and gel).  We have stopped needing conditioner.  The girls no longer complain of knots in their hair (Esther now willingly combs her hair daily!) and Rachel no longer has dandruff.  The difference is absolutely amazing, and cheap!

Issac took this for me--not such a good shot and my hair is up in a lazyman\'s bun.

Now what am I going to do with all those styling products, shampoos, and conditioners?  There is no way I am using them again.