Unschooling Photo Journal 1

Things are no less busy and since so many people are vacationing and whatnot I am going to be keeping the writing brief and the photos coming.  It occurred to me that the phrase “pictures speak louder than words” is even more accurate when it comes to unschooling so over the next few weeks I will be sharing photos of the kids about their daily unschooled days.

It was too cool to swim,

Berry picking, searching for edible/usable weeds, learning to avoid poison ivy.

so we went a wandering:

berry picking,

poison ivy avoiding,

edible/usable weed finding,

plant and bug identifying.  Exploring.

I should note that Esther loves reading books with small excerpts and explanations and is an expert on bugs insects and fish, while Rachel is my plant expert–teaching Essie to recognize poison ivy has been an interesting experience.