Bike Riding

Issac has taken on learning to ride a bike.

We attacked the pink bike with a can of red spray paint, and now he is happy with a red bike.

He now has 3 bikes, one too big, one that needs new tires and one that was the right height but was pink.  (That added to our already too many bikes.) Poor guy.

My brother spent the night and helped me go over all the bikes, teach the kids how to oil them etc, and clean up Issac’s new one.

It is still a trick to learn.

Especially when one struggles with the lack of short term physical memory that our family struggles with.  He will get it, and get it, and get it again before it REALLY sticks.

It took Rachel an entire summer.  It took Esther 2 years.  We will see how long it takes this little guy with so many teachers.