Daybook: July 7, 2008


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window... Is a lovely, sunshiney, beautiful day but my husband is sleeping nearby and so, the curtains are closed tight.

I am thinking…of all the balls I have in the air right now, and wondering at God for His timing–a new project has sprung up, with His blessing, at a time when I would not expect it.  It is exciting and right and I will see how God works it all out.

I am also thinking…that I need to figure out what it is that is giving my husband a migraine every time he sleeps in our bedroom–and no, it has nothing to do with me.  There is some allergen or trigger in there that is causing him great misery and we need to figure it out so he can stop sleeping in the office.  It took us forever to figure out that that was what was causing it (he has been having this problem for month and also has had it in the past 11 years we have been married.  It is a great challenge to my brain and will be interesting to figure out.

I am thankful for…work to do, the blessing of children, a peaceful household–so far today.:)

From the kitchen…I hear Rachel and Issac working at putting away the dishes.  There are big dishes that need washed as well –hopefully later today, and the floor needs swept, again, and I refuse to think about the kitchen right now.

I am wearing…stay at home clothes–black tank  and Old Navy grey workout shorts that I wore yesterday, no point in making more laundry, espercialy when I am staying home and don’t stink.:)

I am creating…several web sites–one of which is big and exciting and I can’t wait to share with you all.

I am going…towork on the painting I need to finish this week as soon as hubby is awake and I can have some light in here–almost halfway done–want to try to ship it Wednesday when I have a meeting about a different website.

I am reading…lots of books.  Just finished the latest Jan Karon book–a blessing from God at the perfect time, for 50 cents at the thrift shop–brand new.  Started reading a L. M. Montgomery  compilation but it was all orphan stories and too much is enough–will read it in small chunks so I can get the sweetness out of my mouth before taking another bite.  Also reading a compilation of Victorian Fairy Tales –an old love though a new book from the thrift shop–wish I knew who had fgotten rid of that huge pile of books that was EXACTLY my favorite reading material and a dream come true–I am sure that pwerson and I would get along fine, except for the fact that they GOT RID OF this wonderful collection of books.

I am hoping…to finish this painting, do another bunny painting, come up with a name for the new website, clean the house, get the laundry done, and figure out what is making my husband sick in our bedroom.

I am hearing…the fan and my typing–the kids are quiet because I just set them free to go do what they wanted because they got the ir few chores finished.

Around the house…I need to start the laundry and wash the sheets oin our room–maybe gut it and rearrange it and see if I discover something I have missed.

One of my favorite things… Books to be read, paintings to do, an evening of singing praise and worship with my children (last night.)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:Meeting on Wednesday, visit my grandma, work on friends hard drive and order a new one, finish and mail painting as well as mail out a few other packages, go to the library.  Too much going and not enough staying home like I prefer.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

Under that swirl of water is the biggest Bass in the pond, the one that thought Esther’s finger was a hot dog, because well, he won’t eat fish food only hot dogs.  The one that my dad and brother has to lure away from the dock so the kids can swim without getting nibbled.  He is nearly 2 feet long and has been known to attack other fish who dare show interest in HIS hotdogs.