Day in the Life

Jena wrote today about the Power of Play, which got me thinking again about how much play time my kids get and how much they are learning while they do it.

Today is the perfect example.

Rach has several things she likes to do each morning–a routine you might say.  She is motherly by nature so naturally she goes and takes care of her Webkinz and her Animal Crossing character, makes sure the hermit crabs have water and food, puts her bed away, then starts her day.  Today she also helped her brother clean up his room so she could get to the hermit crabs (he keeps taking them in his room at night for company.)  She likes to check in with her long distance friends both on the phone and via Webkinz.  In the meantime she makes meals for her brother and sister, paints, does random projects she finds in books and magazines, works on preparing her room for a big rearrange, and watches Dr. Who with me (the new show though we are going to watch the old one later as well as Star Trek and some others.)  She is also designing and planning a new website–she loves doing story telling and since her brother and sister constantly clamor for stories she thought she might put soe online.

Esther on the other hand spends lots of time singing, reading, playing computer games.  Today she talked for some time to her best friend, and slept in.  Last night she stayed up with me, watching The Jim Elliot Story by Torch Lighters.  She already knew the story and loved the movie.  She thinks differently from her sister and brother and is free to day dream, to draw, to think, to imagine.  She spends a lot of time thinking and then asking random questions about things she has been chewing on.  Essie is also planning a website full of her own recipes and how to cook activities.  Right now she is designing the header using Tux paint.

Issac spent today weeding and replanting his garden, playing Jump Start 2nd Grade, spelling words on his word mat, helping Rachel clean his room, helping Daddy set up his new LCD monitor, all because he wanted to.

Later I am going to a football game as an early birthday gift from my mom and stepdad (in case you are wondfering–no, I am not a big fan though I will watch when the Steelers are doing well, however they had an extra ticket and I have never been to a game and am promised that it is an entirely new experience–good or bad I do  not know. :))  I have Netflix download play set up with a huge list of movies so the kids can watch them while I am gone.  Most of the movies are either classics or educatinal, because that is what the kids like. 🙂

More about our vacation to come. Believe me I have TONS of photos to share. 🙂