A Day in the Life of this Christian Unschooling Family

This morning I decided today was a good day to do a post like this.  Then things got crazy so I decided to write as I go–which would be great if it weren’t already 3:45pm.  I have been taking pictures as the day goes, well until 1:00 but you will see.  Is this a normal day?  We don’t have a “normal” day, is it typical?  Yes, in that everyday the kids, Shamus, and I all have projects we are doing and interruptions that take on a life of their own.  Word of warning, it was a long day so it follows after the jump.

I like my day to start at about 7am–today I failed because my kids all had insomnia for some reason.  Every  time I got one in bed and settled the next needed me.  I eventually got Issac and Rach to bed and cuddled Essie, who was feeling unloved because I got her pita chips (which I thought she liked) instead of potato chips–she is an odd one.  Since I need alone time before bed and hubby gets up round about 12:00am and we had to talk, I didn’t get to bed till about 1am.  I got up at 9:15am.

So, wake up, lay perfectly still for a bit praying till my eyes get used to the light (I sleep with the curtains open so my brain knows that, “Hey, it’s morning.”)  Then reach out in search of my glasses, nearly blind without the things.  Heave my NASB Bible over to the bed, roll over and read a chapter (this year I am reading 1 chapter a day instead of my normal 4.  Four a day gets me through the Bible in a year, I figure this will take 4 years but have gone through several times so a nice slow trip is good.)  I am only on Exodus and the beginning of the laws because I decided to start later than usual.  My brain starts the new year in April or so.

Get up, find my coffee, find my enzymes, raw almonds, dark chocolate, omega 3 cranberries, and supplements, grope for the office and my chair.

Counter any interaction with children with “Let me do my morning thing then I will talk to you.”  Check my feed reader, gasp at the sheer number, field some more interaction, eat, take my pills, drink coffee.

All three kids are already up and rearing to go, hubby is up and working, wants me to look over his comics that he has written in the night.

Rachel has decided to make pancakes and asks questions about the Trader Joes mix and doubling, tripling, quadrupling it.  (I convince her just to double it, it will be plenty.)  Leave her to it.

Issac wants to help her, I convince him to set the table then he wanders off to experiment with the fan and a plastic bag, an adaption of an idea he got from an experiment book.

Essie decides she “wants to work with me” today and prepares to follow me around at the hip.  She joins me in the office, working on a header design for the blog she is preparing to set up while I read emails and atch up on my read.  We discuss what the content of the blog will be, whether she will share with her sister, design aspects that need to be incorporated.  She talks about how she really wants an Eee PC so she can sit beside me and work on HER laptop.   She can’t wait for me to get to painting so she can paint with me.

Issac asks everyone to come see how his experiment is going, Rachel calls everyone to come eat.  I walk away from my computer with multiple tabs sitting open waiting to be read or commented on.

I gave up on getting anything done at my computer and went to my room to put away the clean lundry.  Essie helped while Issac and Rachel did some more experiments from his experiment book.  They made a hot air balloon with my blow dryer, melted ice with salt, did some more experiments with air flow and the fan.  In the meantime Essie helped me clean up the kitchen table, then Rachel did her dishes and Essie loaded.  Essie and I looked through my bedroom cupboard, set a bag full of things aside to use for another yard sale or take to the thrift shop–we are still debating, I cleaned the bathroom up while Shamus played Kotor with the kids looking on,  then I headed back to work at the computer a bit more.  Essie joined me, working on her drawing.  Rachel headed upstairs to work on a story she is writing while Issac played with the fan with a garbage bag and his cars.

We all ate lunch at the same time (an unusual occurrence).  The girls ate corn flakes with rice milk, I made Shamus tuna with Trader Joes rice Pilaf, and I had a garlic hummus, cheese, and salad wrap.  Issac didn’t eat because he forgot to make his mac and cheese until we were finished eating.  I finally put his noodles on and set a timer to remind him when to turn it off and have me strain it so he could add the cheese himself.  While the noodles were cooking and just as I was considering painting but realizing that my hands are swollen with the RA my mom called.   Her back was spasming badly and because she has a broken wrist she couldn’t move to do anything about it–in fact she was stuck on the couch after managing to get herself off the floor.

Essie and I headed over to help her while Shamus played a computer game with the other two.  We stayed a while, Essie helping me massage her back then finally we called the the chiropractor who got her in.  While there I showed Esther how to find the funnies in Readers Digest and sift through Family Circle for interesting tips.  Essie also read all the kids books they had while I looked through the vegetarian magazine for interesting recipes. 

When Mom was done we brought her to our house until her back eased up.  Issac continued doing experiments while the others watched the musical version of “My Sister Eileen”.  I  helped Issac make some parachutes with plastic bags, coffee filters, thread, and washers then remade his  mac and cheese–his had burned because everyone forgot them when I left so he hadn’t eaten).  He wanted me in there with him so I hung out and cleaned the kitchen while he ate.  I then joined the girls and mom to watch the rest of the movie (which I had already seen.)  We talked a bit about the differences between the original, which mom had seen recently, and this version.  When the movie was over, Issac and I took Mom home while the girls planned to work on their separate projects.

As we were leaving Mom’s house we noticed that my dad was down at the cottage working and stopped to say hi.  We helped my step mom decorate a bit then Issac got helping my dad and brother work on the deck they are building.  While I was upstairs with my step mom Rachel called to say that they had broken a glass and that Shamus was asleep so I headed home to deal with that while Issac stayed with dad and James.

When I got home I cleaned up the glass while the girls got the rest of the meal they had been getting when the glass broke.   Rachel asked about the melting ice with salt experiment they had done earlier and we tried putting salt in the deep freeze on the ice in there to see if temperature made a difference.  Esther got on the computer to play the game she had been playing before the broken glass, Rachel went back to work on her story after showing me how far she had gotten. I settled down at the computer, realized my hands were too swollen to work so instead helped Rachel find a movie to watch on Netflix (she had been watching a Shirley Temple while I was gone and her daddy was asleep.)

While looking through the list we found “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness” which I knew she would love (it’s a hollywoodization of a missionary biography–right up her ally, though she would have preferred having it more true to the story). While she was watching, Essie wandered in and joined the audience.

Issac  returned home and hopped in the tub because he had been into all sorts of things at my dad’s.  The movie opened up all sorts of conversations which necessitated pausing the movie so I quit trying to write or read and just watched with them.   Once Issac got out of the tub he joined us for part of the movie stopping to make more bags fly off the fans (he has now tried nearly every bag in the house as well as the two parachutes we made .)  My hands are now very swollen and my other joints are giving me trouble so I just sit with the kids on my lap.  Once that movie is over the younger two head to bed and Rachel and I settle in to watch part of Dr. Who.  It is awfully late so we watch half then I cuddle Esther who wants company and Issac who is having a hard time falling asleep.  Rachel comes back downstairs–she has a migraine because earlier the cars had been driving by while she was watching “My Sister Eileen” and flashing light into the living room.  I give her tylenol, crack her back (which sometimes helps), then send her sister and her back to bed.  I make Issac turn out the light and snuggle up on the couch.  And finally, depspite my swollen knuckles, finish typing this up.  It is now midnight, this has disintegrated into a play by play of our day, hubby just work up and I am still downloading the photos from my camera, and once again I am going to bed later than planned.