Birthday and Random stuff

Today is my birthday.  I like birthdays, I keep hoping they mean I am getting wiser and better overall.:)  (I am now officially 34–which is good because I got confused and thought I was 34 LAST year.)

I keep reading everybody’s back to school posts and get tempted to  be jealous or try to convince the kids we need “school” with a schedule and text books. Then I look around and notice all that they are actually doing and learning, without me dictating it all.

For instance I notice that Rachel is writing a book, on her own, and is spelling things right, and commandeered the 8th grade writing curriculum I picked up brand new at the thrift shop for $6–I had no goal for it, just got it just in case as a resource. She is on her second page of her notebook (she is writing a fiction story and is finding out what hard work it is), has learned about story arc, plot, climax and so on, is determined to spell and punctuate it right, and is listening to Lord of the Rings while she writes.

Esther is reading everything she can get her hands on (including her Bible) and got a slew of educational books on animals out of the library, just for fun.  She also got a cook book out and is reading several comic books.  She read a book on hermit crabs that Rach got out and has been telling me all sorts of interesting things and now wants to read about snakes, cats, how things work, and several other things I can’t keep track of.

She is also learning not to respond with violence when she is frustrated–like her mommy she is a biter.  She managed to get through a day without hitting, biting, kicking, or screeching at anyone.  I am impressed.

Issac is still determined to learn to read, and wants to do science experiments constantly, and play with marbles.  He is also learning the basics of cooking, and to not need mama for everything.

He went in the bathroom stall at the movies BY HIMSELF for the first time ever (he doesn’t liike to walk to a water fountain five steps away by himself so this is a BIG deal).  We are working on it.

Also, took the younger two to the movies yesterday as a pre-celebration–we saw Wall-E (Rach can’t go because of her seizures so we got Nim’s Island out at Red Box which was MUCH more her style).  Ran into a friend who works retail and got talking about how crazy the traffic was–people have been driving in a crazy manner.  She mentioned that kids have gotten MUCH worse coming into her store–a lot more thefts and just plain poor behavior.  She thanked me for home schooling because “the kids are so much better behaved and  know how to treat others with respect.”  Really appreciated hearing that from her since she deals with kids constantly in the store she manages.

*The photos are from the last few days.  Yes, I know my son looks like he is starving to death with his rib cage showing–he eats, believe me–my brother was the same way.)