Daybook for August 25

Hosted by Peggy

For Today…

Outside my Window…Is a cool fall-ish sort of day with bright sunlight and cool air.
I am thinking…that I REALLY do not want to go out today, really, really. And I really should, but might wait till tomorrow just because I REALLY don’t want to.

From the learning rooms…Hmm, even though we home school we don’t use a “learning room” because we don’t school in the traditional manner.  But, lets see, Rachel is still writing a book–it is slow going because she has struggled so hard with her dyslexia and lack of short term memory for symbols, and large dose of bperfectionism–not a good combo but it is teaching her to spell, and she has chosen to use a curriculum to help her figure out key parts of a fictional story, like story arc, etc.  The curriculum is 8th grade and she is only 10 but she is happy with it so no arguments from me.  Esther is, as usual, reading constantly, and suddenly very into science and science experiments.  She is also designing her website with multiple plans for its use.  Issac is on a science kick as well and experimenting constnatly with air flow and hot and cold.  And he just found a cool thing on Crafty Crow he wants to make.
I am thankful formy hubby–his 37th birthday was yesterday!
From the kitchen…mess, haven’t felt like cooking much so the kids have been doing their worst and the kitchen and everything in it needs a good organizing.
I am wearing…the clothes I walk in–oga pants, tennies, and wrap around t-shirt.
I am reading…Jan Karon’s A Light in the Window–rereading it.  Found it recently at the thrift shop just when I needed something good–I give all my Jan Karon’s to my neighbor who loves them.  Next up is a biography of Renoir.
I am hoping…to start working on my illustration portfolio (ACK!).  My 2008 Children’s  Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market book just came.  Rather scary.
I am creating..A website for Christian Unschoolers.  Yes, really.  And if you are a Christian unschooler/relaxed schoolerecclectic schooler and are interested in writing for the new, group site leave me a comment.  I am also working on sites for both my girls who want to write about different things, and working on the book hubby and I are doing together.  Plus my portfolio.
I am hearing…Issac interrupt me constantly with questions about materials for his project, cars go by, and fans hum (the house was super hot for no reason so we opened up and let the fans blow the cool air in.
Around the house...laundry to do, lots of it.
One of my favorite watching Dr. Who with the kids.  All three love the new Dr. Who so it is our new evening thing to do together.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week..return the brand new totally broken headset/mic to Target, go visit grandma, put a check a generous friend sent in the bank (thanks Danielle–I go it), get the school site up and running, get the kids sites presentable/usable.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…