Daybook, Sept. 1

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For Today…

Outside my going to be hot but right now is still sunny and cool.  The leaves are starting to change and fall.  Fall is coming fast around here.

I am thinking…that last week was so busy and full of going that I want to stay home all week this week–but I can’t, and there is so much to do here at my computer.

From the learning rooms…Rach is still writing her book–she is finally “getting” spelling, on her own, because she wants to and is therefore very proud of it.  Esther is now writing a book as well, and showed it to us yesterday.  Issac read aloud from the Bible at church yesterday (we home church) after his sisters did, he was SO PROUD!

I am thankful for…my husband’s new desk–still another trip to IKEA to come as we slowly finish getting things in the office set up but it is getting here and he is happy.  Also thankful for a week full of friends.  God provided multiple interactions with friends last week and now I am thoroughly worn out and reminded that I am an introvert and need to recover after so much chatter–which is why I have been out of words here at the blog.  No wonder God has provided that ALL the friends I WOULD get together with on a regular basis are out of state so I can’t try and don’t wear myself and the kids completely out with constat coming and going.

From the kitchen…is nothing–it is grocery week and we are out of a lot.

I am wearing…my walking things–I haven’t changed yet.

I am reading…nothing–time for a trip to the library.  Well, I am reading the Bible–in the chapter of Exodus talking about the preparation for the building of the tabernacle and how God provided not only the skilled workmen but also everything needed above and beyond and am being reminded that He will provide as needed for each project in the future.

I am hoping…to get the Christian unschooling site up and running this week–at least with SOME content though since I have over-interacted I have not had words left to write or even to gather the other writers together.  Good thing things are on God’s time schedule and not my own.

I am creating…a website with info and articles for Christian unschoolers/relaxed/eclectic home schoolers, with the help of some friends.

I am hearing…cicadas and the hum of my husbands lighted bubble water thing (never mind, I can’t explain.)

Around the house…the kids are still asleep–need to get them waking earlier so I can go to bed earlier.
One of my favorite things… is a clean inbox (I just cleaned both of mine so they are organized. I have been unable to find needed information for too long and it is driving me insane.)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… do my monthly grocery run to Trader Joes, and GNC, and Frankferd Farms, visit our out of town friends who are in town till Thursday one more time, get together with family, play at the pond, work on new website, get girls websites up and running.

Also, tomorrow is Tuesday Prompt for those who need a creative jump start.  🙂  I mad eit for myself but you are welcome to join in. 🙂

We are on week 2.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Random strangers at the beach behind Issac’s sand castle and sand toys.  Love the father-son sweetness, plan to make a painting of it down the road.