Daybook for Sept. 22


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…Is a cool, foggy, grey day, but no couch!!!! WOOHOO! A young man from the local Christian college came and go tit  and the chair yesterday!

I am thankful that…the couch is gone and we can get started on redoing the floor, Shamus’ eye, which has been red and swollen since we went out on Saturday evening is clearing up, I finally got around to doing an Etsy store, we got to go out on a date Saturday night–Chinese, no kids, we finally figured out (I think) what is trigger Rach’s SJS style reaction at home (the very old carpet), I am making several cards a day to post at the store, that Issac asked to do church yesterday, that I have finally decided to stop spreading myself so thin and focus on the art meaning I will not be taking any new clients for web design.

From the kitchen…a fridge full of rice balls and vegetarian sushi rolls, veggie soup, red lentil curry, a freezer full of chopped and washed veggies ready for various meals, plus several loaves of homemade bread–yes I went domestic yesterday.

I am wearing…black yoga pants, too tight Faded Glory crew socks (word of warning, if you must buy faded glory socks, go a size bigger–they skimp on their material and the socks we bought last week for the whole family are ALL tight), a tank and a hoodie–it is CHILLY.

I am creating…customizable each individual greeting cards for my Etsy store.

One of the custom greeting cards I designed yesterday.

From the learning rooms… Rachel bought an electric typewriter with her hard earned money at a yard sale this weekend so she has been practicing typing by copying poems.  Esther has been using it and email to write her own poems (which I will share at a later date).  Esther and Issac tore apart our toaster, which died, yesterday while I cooked.  They learned all sorts of things and came and told me about each new thing.

I am going…to fix a website I just realized got broken in a transfer, cancel my web design domain name and hopefully do a few loads of laundry and make another card.

I am reading…a wonderful memoir told through stories and recipes that my friend Laurel sent me–this is what prompted me to cook and bake all day yesterday.

I am hoping…that Rachel isn’t going to get whatever is wrong with my husband’s eye (she catches things like that easily), to get all I want to get done this week, to start on pulling up the carpet as soon as Rach seems to be feeling better.

I am hearing…Rachel talk as she designs greeting cards beside me and my uhsband’s gun shots while he plays Tabula Rosa.

Around the house…work to be done.  Need to finish the laundry so I can start on the hall.

One of my favorite things…seeing my kids find new things to be enthusiastic about and running with them.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I want to begin tearing up the rug in the hallway so we can put down laminate flooring, work on Wednesday or Friday  for the antique appraiser/dealer I work with, prepare for the appraisal show we are involved in and which will be filmed on Sunday.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing

Detail from the card I finished designing this morning.
Detail from the card I finished designing this morning.