WFMW: Removing paint (and grease) from skin

Yes I have been MIA and likely will be for a little longer.  (Guests still here, paintings that need done, misc. other projects still in the works). However, I figured this out last time I painted, remembered it this time, and realized that others might find it useful.

I used to, before my arthritis got bad, oil paint.  I have also painted all our walls myself.   In that time I have had my skin stained over and over with paint that refused top come off–oil, laytex, and acrylic.  It stuck to me like supe glue and would stay on for weeks.  My middle child had the same problem although my other two did not.  The paint would peal right off of both of them while it seaped deep into Esther’s skin.  After some thought I relized what the difference was.  Esther and I both have incredibly dry skin while the other two do not.

The next time I painted I put moisturizer all over all the exposed skin (cocoa butter seems to work best though any thick moisturizer will do.)  It worked.  The paint came right off.  Same goes for my daughter.  Extra moisturizer means no more paint stains.

And another thing along the same vein.  My oldest came in the other day COVERED in bike grease.  The chain had come off her bike and she was trying to fix it.  She tried scrubbing with soap and water before I got to her and managed to spread it everywhere.  Now I grewe up using GOOP for such instances but had none on hand and instead used a different trick I learned while oil painting (I tend to make a mess).  I had her dry her hands well then cover her hands in glycerin based soap, scrubbing until the oil had come off without rinsing (same principle as using GOOP).  When she rinsed it all came right off.  (This also worked for Esther who came in not long after, having seen the bike and decided SHE could fix it. :))