This last week (warning: long, rambly post)

Brr--silly boy didn't bring a coat to the pond--it was 56 degrees.

As you all know things have been crazy busy around here.  We spent the week before last getting the floor down then doing the trim in the living room and the hall. God was providing in amazing ways (leftover paint from my mother-in-law that all went with what we had, flooring and trim paid for by extra work hubby and I had been doing, my brother-in-law doing the flooring, my dad and brother helping with the trim.  Family members giving us meat and cheese, and on and on.)

Rach decorated Essie's head with leaves.

During that craziness, we got an email  from old (8 years ago when we lived in Massachusetts) friends were going to be in the area checking out colleges for their oldest daughter (who, last time we saw her was Rachel’s age).  They wondered if they could stay with us.  There was absolutely, positively NO QUESTION–we weren’t going to let them stay anywhere else.  (I was going to explain why here then I realized that was a WHOLE post in itself.  Suffice it to say that they were a huge help and influence when we had babies and were living in a new area and knew no one else.)

One of the few times I have gotten Issac to sit still for a deliberate shot.

They were coming Monday night.  We rushed to get the trim (actually I rushed and panicked a bit and didn’t get anything done any faster than it would have had I relaxed)–the trim got done a few hours before they arrived, and we got a new futon couch Monday morning.  (And that is ANOTHER post–I will try to add pictures then).

Watching the fire and warming up.

They stayed till Thursday morning (spending part of the time at the college campus but plenty of time catching up).  Thursday and Friday we spent recuperating from late nights and early mornings (the kids even napped Thursday morning).

Esther giving Issac pears she had picked.

We went to the pond (as seen in the photos) and enjoyed the fall weather, including the brush fire my dad had burning, and Friday evening the kids practiced archery with my stepdad then we all attended my alma mater’s football game.   Issac only made it till half time when my mom and stepdad took him home to stay over night for his birthday but the girls and I stayed with my brother and watched the rest of the game with one of the school’s biggest rivals.  Yesterday my dad and brother finished the trim and my brother stayed over night.  Oh and Issac got his birthday gift from my mom and stepdad (Snap Circuits) and then I took him to spend his birthday money yesterday.  It now occurs to me that each and eveythign that happened deserves its own post and photos to go with it (some I was too busy to take pictures of, others not so much.  I will try to get caught up and share some of the awesome things that hav ebeen going on more specifically.)