Trick or Treat

The kids dressed up as a number 2 pencil (Rachel, based on a costume her aunt wore a few years back), a giant butterfly fairy (Esther), and a dinosaur/dragon (Issac couldn’t decide).  I couldn’t decide which photos to post so I am hoping this Flickr slideshow works–never used it before. 🙂

I know a lot of Christians don’t Trick or Treat around here (Rachel commented that she doesn’t mention Halloween to her friends because she is always nervous they don’t do it and are going to be offended.)  We didn’t trick or treat for a time.  However, after much prayer we realized what a blessing it was to our neighbors. So, we don’t do Halloween but we do do Trick or Treat (we avoid all the Halloween creepy stuff and just dress up and go door to door.)  We live on a major highway and are surrounded by elderly people who have lived here 50 years or more.  We also live near a cul de sac full of families with kids.  Most trick or treaters go to the cul de sac because it is safer, leaving all the elderly folks with no trick or treaters even though they put their lights on every year.  So we deliberately go to the ones no one else visit–it means stopping and talking for 10 minutes or so at each house but we are in it to be sociable not to get the candy (Essie is the only one who can have milk, none of them can have dyes, and Rach can’t have anything but the pretzels and potato chips).  We have found that these lovely neighbors of ours LOVE meeting the kids and visiting, even if it is just once a year.  So this is our way of being a blessing.  In fact this year we met a neighbor we hadn’t visited before–she has lived here for 60 years, lives alone, and her son who lived across the road was killed last year.  She kept us talking for almost half an hour.  We were the only trick or treaters she got and she invited us to visit again anytime.  We will be stopping by again.