Happy Birthday Essie.

Once upon a time, 9 years ago, there was a new baby, who, at the last minute was named Esther instead of Elisabeth as her parents had planned.  She was a beautiful baby who could outscream the best.  She was a peaches and cream, lace and frill sort of baby. 

And then she grew, and she grew into a Rainbow Brite/Punky Brewster sort of child with a vibrant personality and a love for all things book, especially comic book, and computer.

Esther with her birthday/Christmas gift–a new Eee pc.

And so to celebrate this suddenly very big little girl we invited another family–friends of the kids from my mother-in-law’s church, who were celebrating a birthday the next day to help us celebrate.

It was such a blessing to find another family who is in a similar boat–lots of disabilities though their’s are not the hidden sort we deal with and kids of the same ages.  Mom’s and Dad’s commiserated and discussed while kids ran rampage through the house.