Prayer request and some awesome links

I spent the day with Esther and her friend and her mom (who is my first real, honest to goodness going places together sort of grown up friend in a while.)  Her daughter had a doctors appointment at the hospital Rach used to go to  which is near Trader Joes so  Essie and I went with them (for moral support as well as for grocery shopping.:) It was fun (well, other than being at the doctor’s office and all that.:))  shamus took the camera out of my bag so I have no pictures though we did see a high school called Arsenal High of all things (I took a picture with my phone but it didn’t come out.)

If you all could be praying–this friend’s daughter has spina bifida and has to have surgery in the coming months–they are not thrilled and are quite a bit nervous due to issues with previous surgeries.  They have been having it rough this year with multiple injuries for the three oldest children (one who has cerebral palsy, the other broke her leg) and lots of money issues.  Please be praying for health, peace, provision, and God’s will.  I am sure they would appreciate your prayers.

I would also like to share some interesting links I found today when I did finally return home:

Tnfarmgirl is having a sale on her Medicinal Herb course. I have a friend who got it a few years ago and loves it, a friend and myself have been longing to get it and I think it is finally the right time.

Keeper of the Home is having a giveaway for a stainless steel water bottle by Tickle Trunk. We have several of these (not this brand) and we LOVE them.  Unlike glass bottle sthey don’t break and unlike plastic they don’t get all funky when they get hot.

My dear friend Shileen started a new site called the Wonder Woman Challenge.  I haven’t joined in yet (I haven’t had time and won’t till after the holidays).  It is all about nurturing your self so you can better serve God and your family.  She and I have talked over all this suff on the phone and the idea is wonderful.

One of my favorite Etsy shops (Shop Marigold–she has BEAUTIFUL jewelry) is having a contest. Now go and see here–isn’t her work BEAUTIFUL!!!!

And last but not least Toni from In the Midst of this Season just posted a brilliant recipe that I can NOT wait to try for candied cranberries.  We are big fans of cranberries (okay, I am and they are one of the few fruits Rach can eat without trouble so they are a good thing to have candied.:))