WordPress 2.7 Coltrane

Testing out the new quickpress feature of the updated version of WordPress. Very cool so far. Haven’t explored it much more than this because I have spent the day cleaning with Esther and Issac–Rach threw a major fit when asked to help and was sent to her room for the rest of the day–major punishment for our only extrovert. She got bored and started doing a thorough clean up of her room, which she shares with her much messier sister. The rest of the house is now clean, everyone seems to be healthy again after several days of a bug of sorts, and Esther and Issac are voluntarily helping Rachel clean her room. Go figure.

Oh yeah, testing this out. Love the layout. Everything can be easily seen from the dashboard without a lot of clutter via drop down menus. I am loving the quickpress feature that lets you post right from the dashboard. Not sure what plugins will become obsolete because they have been combined–it would be REALLY nice if the auto upgrade plugin had been added, will have to wait and see. If you don’t have it I heartily recommend the Automatic Update Plugin which you can get here.

Note: Downside of the quickpress feature–no easy way to add links.