Our Family Goals for 2009

These are the goals that we decided on as a family during our meeting yesterday The kids came up with these on their own and these are in addition to the things I mentioned yesterday.

Rachel’s personal goals: Get better at drawing and using watercolors, learn more piano (and create a spot to play), design and start writing for website, read the Elyon series and the complete Narnia series, research best ways to build with snow and sand, continue writing plant essays and short essays on how things work and who invented them, write daily short stories, work to get better at riding bike, learn to play soccer, find a savings goal and save for it, work without complaining.

Esther’s personal goals: Learn to draw and paint better, learn to ice skate,  remember how to swim, find a spot for everything and remember where it is, learn to cook, learn to knit, learn to golf, learn to play soccer, start a prayer journal and keep it, keep writing short stories, pay attention when people talk the first time.

Issac’s personal goals: Practice reading so can read the Magic Treehouse series, do science experiments–especially learning about flight and flying things, learn to fish, learn to skate, learn to ride bike, learn to play soccer, learn how much things cost and how to compare costs.

Family goals: Read through the Bible (Chronologically), get the house organized so we can find things and have a spot to do the things we want to do in each room, work to be content in all things, learn to do our best regardless of what needs done and why.

What are your family goals for 2009?