Unschooling Notes

I thought I would share some of the projects Issac has involved himself in lately. He has been working on reading and  asks several times a session if he can read a sentence of our Bible reading each night–last night he read 2 sentences aloud to the family from the NASB Bible, Numbers 11-13.  This meant he had to sound out and read “congregation”, “people”, and several other words he had never seen before.  He managed them very well with very little help.  I love how he tries to figure it out, looks to me when he is not sure, and goes straight back to it as soon as he has affirmation or correction, then asks the meaning of the ones he doesn’t recognize, he also asks me to go back and reread the whole thing together so he can get a better feel for the meaning of the whole, he also looks for the spelling and pronunciation rules and tries to apply them (often successfully) to other words that rhyme.  These are all things that educators are taught to teach kids to do but Issac has naturally developed this on his own because he WANTS to read and WANTS to know what his sentences mean. It is very exciting to see since I deliberately sat back and watched with Issac whereas with Esther, she taught herself before I could get to her because I was struggling so much with Rachel and her health issues.   (Also want to note that Esther, who also self taught reading does these same things and is able to easily read the NASB or KJV without stumbling over words and is teaching herself to spell while Rach, who struggled to learn and HATED it because I was making her still struggles, though some of that is due to her dyslexia.)

Recently Issac has been my little shadow.  The girls are getting more caught up in their own interests which often mean he is getting left out.  When I was working on the Joy painting he sat beside me and watched, imitating every move I made.  If I picked up the paint brush he copied how I did it, if I move the brush on the paper he imitated it with a dry brush.  Finally he asked if he could do a painting.

I had a page of an old watercolor tablet marked out in a 3 by 3 grid for a project that I decided to do differently so I said he could use it.  He asked if I would draw pictures for him to paint which I did as he dictated.  He then settled in to paint using my good brushes and my good paints.  He was very careful to follow my instructions not to mix in the tubs and how to pull the brush instead of scrubbing it.

I was also amazed at how it was obviously helping him with his eye hand coordination and using a light brush.  I would heartily recomend this project for anyone with a young writer (for fun and only if they are interested) as it really helped him with his writing and drawing.

Issac also spent quite a bit of time building a similar book tower to the one I drew in Rachel’s header.

He is very proud of this and insisted I take a picture. 🙂 I was impressed because he had to figure out how to make the books stand up and after much practice did.