Virtual Field Trip: Western PA

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We don’t travel a lot (we seldom have a working car and when we do, well it is tiny and awkward and not very reliable and, well, you get the picture.)  However, we live in Western PA and not far from the 13 acres where I grew up.  We spend a great deal of time there playing in  or on the pond, in the woods, exploring nature, and learning to do handyman sorts of things with my dad who spends most of his time there fixing up the cottage where I was born.

In the winter is is good for ice skating (on the big pond–the little pond has more water running in and isn’t so great for ice skating.)

You have to shovel the snow off the ice daily or it gets soft and hard to skate on.

It is also good for sled riding as there are multiple hills (we live not far from the Allegheny Mountains and there are hills EVERYWHERE.)

We  see lots of animals–turkey, squirrels (grey and red), chipmunks, muskrats, moles, and tons of birds.



In the spring it is the place to look for new growth, baby animals, and enjoy seeing the birds migrating back.

Looking for various plants.



The kids spend a lot of time in the spring and fall exploring and looking for plants they recognize that are good for various herbal remedies (like plantain which is excellent for bug bits).

In the summer it is the place for swimming, paddleboating, camping, exploring.

Paddle boating.

Swimming (and meeting some friendly fish.)

This is the big bass–it WILL bite your toes because it only eats hot dogs instead of the bread crumbs most of the fish like.

Exploring and imagining.

And after a summer spent swimming inthe pond, taking walks, fishing, and playing on the paddle boat comes fall.

And its colors

And the Canadian Geese who  stop by by the 100’s.

And the other birds that stop for a while on their way south–like this swan who stayed for a whole month due to an injury.

Skipping stones

Building forts-the tiny version.

Building a full size version.

During that time the kids learn a lot about being seen and camouflage as there are plenty of hunters in our neck of the woods (including my mom and step dad.)  This year they got to see a newly shot deer (my mom got it during archery season–Esther didn’t much appreciate that. :))  They also got to camp at the cottage due to work we were doing at the house.