Twitter Updates for 2009-03-09

  • Awake and can walk, praise the Lord, albeit VERY slowly. This is going to be a very slow day. #
  • Rach at her grandma’s, Issac emptying the water from our leak in the fire place, Essie painting, hubby working. Me? Sitting staring. #
  • Contemplating a day of Animal Crossing and My Sims. Very likely. Did I mention I need a new game? #
  • Took the two remaining kids to Sheetz to get some Krispey Kreme donuts in our now working car, in the rain. Thankful I could walk. #
  • Blog post: Twitter Updates for 2009-03-08:
    Kids playing outside, in shorts and t-shirts. Did I mentio.. #
  • Desperately want to do Wii Fit but ankles aren’t up to it. Sigh. #
  • So Rach is at Grandma’s house and calls her sister to play Build-a-bear online together. Hmm. #
  • Back on crutches. Need to be more careful. #
  • Borrowed big pile of books from brother–will see you all when I emerge from my book induced stupor. #
  • Read an Artemis Fowl, Esther longing for her sister, Issac and Essie going to bake a cake. #
  • Going to bed, going to try reading 2nd Harry Potter–hated the first one, the 4th was all right. #
  • Morning world. Moving slow but I can walk this morning. Yah! #

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