So, I have gotten lazy about this wole posting thing–why bother when that little program will auto post my tweets–which I do automatically anyway (must. share. all . thoughts. with. the . world.)

Things have slowed a bit but I am bit burned out now, and still have several sites to do, and got Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility and therefore am spending large swaths of time seated in front of the tv being virtually productive.Add to that (and the reason I got it in fact) that my RA is acting up–lovely crazy weather and hormones and being virtually productive is safer and less likely to trigger a full flare-up than being REALLY productive, well, that’s my excuse anyway.  This laziness (and continued lack of car) is also keeping the photo taking bug at bay.  Except for this:

The crazy weather we have been having brought on a full arch rainbow, which was pretty awesome.  Also awesome is that my son has been listening to Frank Peretti’s Wild and Wacky World each evenign and had just been listening to the story of Noah and it finally clicked about the rainbow.

More clicking going on:

  • Esther who has dyscalculia (dyslexia for math) and is math phobic finally “got” double digit addition and wanted to tell the world about it:  you can read her take here. She has also been posting about some other revelations.
  • Rachel has realized that she is an audio learner (which is why she can remember things she hears and why she likes books on cd.)  She has begun doing an audio journal on her laptop, and writing a really clever story that way.
  • Issac is recognizing words without knowing it and keeps surprising himself by reading things.  He has also discovered multiplication (not on paper but real world.)
  • Issac’s new favorite toy is boxes.  Shoeboxes, cereal boxes, cracker boxes, packing boxes, you name it.  He is spending most of his free time building with a pile of them in the living room.