Twitter Updates for 2009-03-31

  • Friend’s daughter is here–have four kids SCREECHING with laughter upstairs. Kind f crazy. #
  • Overdid some things–totally wiped out. Want to sit and stare at harvest Moon. #
  • Son’s room is a mess and he has spent the last week playing with shipping & shoe boxes in the living room instead of his toys. #
  • Feeling sad and weepy–lots of friends struggling through things and another friend trying to be nice but reopening a bit of a wound instead #
  • Kids making french toast–hoping they don’t set off the fire alarm again-hubby is napping. #
  • Kids aren’t making French Toast–they are making eggy tortilla’s and playing Restaurant–my kitchen is transformed. #
  • Going to play Harvest Moon. #
  • Blog post: Twitter Updates for 2009-03-30:
    Working on a different site today–a huge site, with .. #
  • Good morning world. Look at me–up before 9! ;P Go me. #
  • Double digit math FINALLY really, really clicked for my 9 year old. She even wrote a blog post about it! #
  • Gorgeous out! Still cold though. #
  • Esther just said she was going to go read her comments, that’s my girl! #
  • Doing all sorts of admin stuff today. Finally hacked into my broken database so I could add new content, fix the database & delete the spam #

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