The Tree house continued…

Our favorite climbing tree soon to be the tree house tree.

This is the tree that will soon house the tree house my kids build.
The kids were off carrying wood with Uncle James (they couldn’t wait for my dad and he to get the tractor to get the wood. They carried 2 loads and were wiped out. ) They still need a plan and the rest of the wood but this tree is MUCH better than where they were planning to nail random bits of wood to the tree build.

Esther waiting while the others get wood.

Esther was done carrying before the others were.

Canadian geese.

The geese stop, and in this case, fight over a nest. In fact, they have knocked each others eggs out at least once.

Issac's birdhouse.

Issac showing off his rather colorful pirate birdhouse–he chose the paints himself. 🙂

Esther's tree house.

Esther working on hers.

Issac watching James work on a grill he made.

Issac hanging out with Uncle James watching him wire brush a rather random grill he and a friend welded together in metal shop during some free time.

I have a feeling this particular tree house is going to take all summer to build, if not longer.