Random mutterings of a tired brain

I have very barely had time to be at the computer lately.  One thing after another has kept me from it.  I am not complaining, just explaining.  And so, in this brief moment of computer time I am going to share some random stuff that is going through my head so maybe I will get a chance to post more about it at another time.

  • The kids and I are REALLY enjoying the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series of books.  I read the whole series through before sharing them with the middle child who is my passionate reader.  She then started eating her way through them and then the oldest, who can read well but prefers me reading aloud decided that was our next series of read alouds.  We are now on the 3rd book as a read aloud and Esther is reading through the complete series a second time.  Issac has declared that he LOVES these books (and he usually prefers not to listen when we read aloud).  The best thing is that these books, for the first time ever, make the Greek myths MAKE SENSE.  I finally “get it” and the kids, shockingly, have a great memory and understanding of them as well.  They know stories I didn’t know (thank you Storynory.com!)  I suspect this series is going to start a new interest and appreciation of Greek myths (I know it has for me.)
  • We are currently without a car.  Our poor, stupid little car is dead and gone, sold to a salvage yard for $100.  On the upside I am glad to be through with that money pit.  On the downside, it may be a while before we get a new one.  In the meantime my dad has been super sweet and is lending us their spare.    We are looking for a 1999-2000 Toyota Sienna and waiting on the right one (not a lot for sale around here, especially in our price range.) We are also saving up for it, no loans for us–we learned that lesson some time ago.  It is odd no longer being car owners but we both have a lot of peace about waiting, especially since we have had so much car trouble in the past and we want to wait on God, and get a mini van.  Our tiny Mitsubishi was a tight fit for our family of 5.
  • We are also in the middle of a massive home makeover.  Well maybe not but it is slow and steady and kind of amazing.  Now that my dad has retired he is helping us fix the house up, which is awesome.  We are currently waiting for new windows for the girls’ room.  The new flooring is down, the painting is done.  Still need to get quarter round trim, wash the ceiling, and put in the windows and the ceiling fan I picked up at Lowes for cheap.    Also in the works is replacing the lighting in the bathroom –my dad put ours back in and we realized that one didn’t work and the other was missing an important bit (I took the lighting out 5 years ago when I painted and never put it back, always thinking I would replace it.)  We got a mini ceiling fan for the overhead which will hopefully help with the moisture problem.  The girls have cut back on stuff significantly in a bid to make it easier to keep clean and really enjoy their space.  We are now on the lookout for 2 bean bag chairs in a blue and a little table or shelf  for their Eee Pc’s (in lieu of a desk.)
  • We have had an ongoing weekend yard sale and are getting rid of tons of stuff.  Originally we were doing i n in the hopes of getting to an unschooling conference  this fall but now we are just trying to pay for the work on the house and save towards our car, not to mention get rid of STUFF.  We have 2 separate people coming tomorrow to buy our various sets of bed frames (we have the sort of box springs that are all right on the floor and the kids and we all prefer lower beds anyway.)  So glad to be getting rid of stuff!!!!
  • Issac has been spending a lot of time over at the pond helping my dad out (and hanging out with him fishing and critter watching).  Every day that he goes he comes home with more stories of all the guy stuff they got to do and all the stuff he learned.  He has also learned to ride a bike, is reading rather well, is getting into the Greek Gods as well as his continued interest in volcanoes which has been helped along by my friend’s great posts on volcanoes as the travel Canada and the US.
  • I am thinking about some things that I would someday like to do with the kids, especially now that they are older.
    1. we would like to take in a symphony, opera, and ballet.
    2. we would like to travel around PA and visit places they haven’t seen–like Gettysburg (for my history buff), Lancaster, Hershey, etc.
    3. we would really like to meet some other unschoolers but can’t seem to hook up with any in the area.
    4. we would like to visit my brother in Florida before he moves away from there.
    5. we would like to go to Washington Dc.
    6. we would like to learn to make our own soap.
    7. we would like to join a farm coop.
    8. We want to take up the rest of the carpet and paint the upstairs hall, Issac’s room, and the office.
    9. we want to put new windows in Issac’s room.
    10. etc. etc. etc.  Most of these things need a car that is our own so….
  • On another note, as far as I know, I will have an illustration in the new copy (Issue 3) of Around zine, a homeschooler zine written and published by homeschoolers.  It is pretty cool (we have a subscription and the kids are enjoying it as much as I) and if you want to order it you can get it here.
  • I spent today AND yesterday grocery shopping.  (We were out of enzymes and I forgot we were out of the other enzymes as well and since the paycheck didn’t come till today, well….)  And for the first time in over a year I …..used COUPONS!  I hate them but for some reason this time there were tons we could use so we did, plus Target had lots of our stuff on clearance which was good since I stocked up.
  • Not too much going on in the art front, or as I mentioned, the computer front.  Things have been too busy in the rest of the house. 🙂  My brain has not had much to say and I have been feeling pretty antisocial, content to just be with my very verbal kids and family.  (Although I did finally give up and get into Facebook as well as Twitter since so many people I know use Facebook so much.  I still hate Facebook. but well….if you are on facebook and want to see me there then I am, comment and I will send you my facebook name.